Tools of the Trade, part III

As best I can recall, my tools-of-the-trade got zero upgrades between college graduation (1975) and our first home computer (1982). During that period, the cheap ballpoint pen was my go-to in the writing department, like this Bic Crystal. Long-hand was my primary writing mode.  My penmanship . . . I just realized that’s a sexist term.  I … Read more Tools of the Trade, part III

Tools of the Trade, Part II

When I went off to college, the fancy electric typewriter stayed home.  Still, Dad did come through with a replacement.  Was it something along the lines of this gorgeous 1970 Contessa portable?      Was it this much more affordable option from Montgomery Ward?   Nope.  It was Grandpa’s old Underwood.  And I mean old Underwood.  Circa … Read more Tools of the Trade, Part II

Tools of the Trade, part I

I always considered myself a reader.  I didn’t always think of myself as a writer.  I liked to write, sure.  I thought everyone did.  Guess I wasn’t paying attention.  It came as a strange revelation when I learned — in my late 30s, when I was writing/editing fer-reals — that not only were many not … Read more Tools of the Trade, part I

What’s in a Name?

If the ms. is well-written, shouldn’t matter whether it was penned by Paul or Paula, right? But, of course, it does. We all know women do not get equal pay for equal work.  We know unconscious gender bias is a real thing.  We know that no matter their experience and qualifications, women over the age of … Read more What’s in a Name?