The Results Are In!

Many thanks for your many responses to my “Éirinn Poll.”  :) Depending on your expectations, the results are either no surprise, a big surprise, or surprisingly varied.  Just fyi and in case you’re curious, here’s how it all panned out…   Query #1:  Should I relaunch [my first novel] as Hunter of the Light?  Or should I … Read more The Results Are In!

An Éirinn Poll

Yes, I do have a plan to get my new work out there, hell or high water.  And Step One is nearly complete. For the past few months, I’ve been revisiting Hunter of the Light, making sure that Blackthorn’s Éirinn seamlessly matches the Éirinn of Shadow’s Road and fixing the book’s gazillion-and-a-half typos. So, I’m making changes?!? Well, yes — but they’re … Read more An Éirinn Poll

Update and Where to Find Me

Hi, all. Latest news — I’m investigating self-publishing, small print-run publishing and on-line publishing options for my 2-book Sons of Muirne series.  I’d like to start by re-launching a very slightly revised version of Hunter of the Light (I’m at work on it now, fixing typos and other errata, Jacque Kruzic will be doing artwork … Read more Update and Where to Find Me

April’s Moon

April’s moon has toppled the Lords of Misrule, making rutting Fools of them. The night breeze pulsing with pond songs, rain-washed, blossom-scented, Sets the rhythm. Caterpillar-laden branches dance careless in the silver-dusted night Celebrating the ruthless passions of argent Eostre, the fierce advent of Spring. Her hunger forgotten in a glut of eggs and hares, … Read more April’s Moon

Na Féile Brighde

Happy Imbolc, Happy Spring. Sorry, no post today… and I can’t say when there’ll be another. I can’t find the time or solitude to write. Thanks for stopping by — but as of now, NEITHER HERE NOR THERE is on Spring Break. Indefinitely. Ciao, –risa