Summer’s End

If these seasonal posts prove anything, it’s that I have a penchant for poetry. For others’ poetry, I’m saying.  Oh, I’ve dabbled in the art.  Even written a scant handful of poems I like, and a couple I’m actually proud of. But I’m a blatherer.  When I write, it’s at length.  I pack my sentences … Read more Summer’s End

Autumn Leaves #3

Mostly I come up with my own titles.  Today, I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. Autumn Leaves the Elder (first to penetrate my consciousness) is the latest post from unironedman, a blog you should absolutely be reading. If you’re not yet subscribed, that italicized bit is a link, so go do yourself a favor.  In … Read more Autumn Leaves #3

A Christmas Story – by Michael Reynolds

Bonus Blog! Ignore where it says, “by aratyr” under the title of this post. In response to my Lughnasadh travel tale, my cousin Michael sent me this hilarious, disastrous, totally unique, absolutely relatable, glorious, ghastly, and far more delightful travel tale. It’s too good not to share — so enjoy! In December of last year, … Read more A Christmas Story – by Michael Reynolds

Travelling at Lughnasadh

After all the cautionary tales I’ve read — and taken to heart — about the perils of abjuring the safety of the festival fires to wander the wilds on cross-quarters or dare the wide world on full moons, you’d think I’ve have planned my son’s visit more carefully. Ah, but I was focused on making … Read more Travelling at Lughnasadh


A NOTE ON THIS POST – I wrote this the day the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting on Russia and Ukraine. Didn’t seem the right time to publish it. In the ensuing weeks, R&U tensions escalated, the “Freedom Convoy” cemented its occupation of Ottawa, ‘Liz tested positive, ‘Murica passed 900,000 COVID deaths, and … Read more Unresolved