WC Fields [3rd place] — Uruguay v Germany

Uruguay brought on the team they wish had been fit and card-cleared for their match against Holland.  The return of Lugano and Suárez to the starting line-up was particularly pleasing to the fans.  Germany’s starting 11 was an altered squad.  A couple of mainstays were under the weather, Klose had a back problem, Butt was … Read more WC Fields [3rd place] — Uruguay v Germany

WC Fields [semi] — Germany v Spain

After some weirdness in the Group stage — a close shave victory over the Black Stars and a surprising defeat to Serbia — Germany returned to the form they’d displayed against Australia and proceeded to clobber England and clobber Argentina.  They expected to clobber Spain. A few days ago I posed the question, “How the … Read more WC Fields [semi] — Germany v Spain

WC Fields [semi] — Uruguay v Holland

Those who only follow the fortunes of the big-name teams miss some of the very best matches.   The crowds show up for Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, England.  There were only 3 of us in the pub to see Uruguay-Holland.  Lucky us.  This one was riveting. With two star player suspended on reds and Lugano … Read more WC Fields [semi] — Uruguay v Holland

WC Fields [1/4 finals] — Day #2

GERMANY v ARGENTINA On paper?  A not-to-be-missed match, end-to-end, neck-and-neck. On the pitch…  Argentina got creamed.  Germany won by a resounding 4 – 0 margin.  The one and only question I had at the end of the 90 minutes was, “How the hell is anybody going to beat these guys?” Argentina’s pride was crushed as … Read more WC Fields [1/4 finals] — Day #2

WC Fields [1/4 finals] — Day #1

HOLLAND v BRAZIL Holland has what it takes to be real contenders.  They’ve already shown their coordination, precision passing, attack mentality and individual skills.  In this match they revealed a ruthless side to their game that sent a message to their opponents in the next round:  if our beautiful football isn’t enough to win it, … Read more WC Fields [1/4 finals] — Day #1