Autumn Leaves #3

Mostly I come up with my own titles.  Today, I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. Autumn Leaves the Elder (first to penetrate my consciousness) is the latest post from unironedman, a blog you should absolutely be reading. If you’re not yet subscribed, that italicized bit is a link, so go do yourself a favor.  In … Read more Autumn Leaves #3

Travelling at Lughnasadh

After all the cautionary tales I’ve read — and taken to heart — about the perils of abjuring the safety of the festival fires to wander the wilds on cross-quarters or dare the wide world on full moons, you’d think I’ve have planned my son’s visit more carefully. Ah, but I was focused on making … Read more Travelling at Lughnasadh


A NOTE ON THIS POST – I wrote this the day the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting on Russia and Ukraine. Didn’t seem the right time to publish it. In the ensuing weeks, R&U tensions escalated, the “Freedom Convoy” cemented its occupation of Ottawa, ‘Liz tested positive, ‘Murica passed 900,000 COVID deaths, and … Read more Unresolved

Winter Wonderland

This is not the post I intended to write.  A couple of days ago, when the blogging urge hit me, I intended to de-wire my overloaded brain by splashing serious thoughts on a serious topic all over this page. Then my sis dropped off Sadie. In her time on this planet, my sister Liane has … Read more Winter Wonderland

Once More Unto the Breach

Fine.  Since the tea is not forthcoming, let’s have a philosophical conversation. — Anton Chekhov, The Three Sisters I miss hunting for just the right word.  I miss hammering ornery sentences into shape.  Solving tricky paragraph jigsaw puzzles.  Riding the furious wave of a self-righteous rant, pontificating from a rickety soapbox, waxing poetic at the … Read more Once More Unto the Breach