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We the People

Risa Aratyr @ January 31, 2018 # 10 Comments

That we have our founding fathers to thank for the pithy phrase above is ample proof that the word-trio is not as inclusive as it might appear. The founding fathers were a small coterie of white guys.  Almost to a man they were Christian, well-educated, owned property and/or businesses, and had served in the Continental […]

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Riding the Rails – The Final Chapter

Risa Aratyr @ November 19, 2017 # 4 Comments

Once on-board the Victoria Clipper, we were homeward bound. After another brief, but comfortable night at Castle Whiteside Airbnb, we headed to Seattle’s rather grim-looking King Street Station to catch the Coast Starlight. One of the Starlight’s many stops is Martinez, California – a town not far from Sonoma.  Yet, for reasons that shall forever […]

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O, Canada

Risa Aratyr @ October 30, 2017 # One Comment

All I really needed from Seattle was a comfortable bed.  I got that (super-comfy King-size, tons of pillows) and more.  As we arrived late and had to leave early, we weren’t there long enough to enjoy most of Castle Whiteside’s comforts and amenities, but I did test out our room’s full-stretch, mini-swimming-pool tub and plush, […]

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Sitting Here in Limbo

Risa Aratyr @ October 12, 2017 # 14 Comments

I know we’ll be ok, my husband and I.  I appreciate our friends’ frantic messages – get out now! stay safe! don’t hesitate to evacuate! – but really, no worries, sweethearts.  Roy has some practice in fleeing property-threatening fires, and we are both skilled in the art of letting go of our home and all […]

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Riding the Rails – A Chronicle

Risa Aratyr @ October 5, 2017 # 7 Comments

FRIDAY 9 JUNE:  This day the travellers journeyed westward in the steel belly of the California Zephyr. As we climbed aboard, the attendant said something about hurrying to the observation car, there might be a few seats left. I didn’t pay much attention.  A crowded observation car had no appeal, to me at least.  We […]

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