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Risa Aratyr @ October 11, 2019 # 14 Comments

An oft repeated lyric in the official GOP Impeachment Talking Points chorus is, “If people don’t like what this Prez is doing, they can take their dissatisfaction to the polls in 2020.” The glaring fallacy here, of course, is that if Despicable D is allowed to continue pressuring foreign powers to dig up dirt on […]

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Vegging Out

Risa Aratyr @ August 25, 2019 # 13 Comments

Can’t swear to it, but I believe I woke to the connection between meat and climate change about ten years ago, via the “Meat Free Monday” group on Facebook. While I have hardly been religious about the Monday thing and can’t truly say I’ve been doing my part, no-meat salads are my count-on-it contribution to […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cultural Appropriation

Risa Aratyr @ April 7, 2019 # 12 Comments

Cultural appropriation is a hot topic these days.  And rightly so.  Getting woke to cultural appropriation ranks up there with waking up to white society’s systemic racism or male society’s inherent sexism.  It’s about time, past due. Unfortunately, many are inclined to take the above balls and run with them right off the nearest politically-correct […]

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Facebook Farewell

Risa Aratyr @ January 29, 2019 # 26 Comments

It was a love-hate relationship from the start. “Social” means fun for most folks. For folks like me, “social” means stressful. Introverts tend to find the very idea of socializing online somewhat to very off-putting. When wonky pre-social networks (AOL profiles, gave way to genuine social networks (Friendster, MySpace), I gave them a pass. […]

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The Season of the Witch

Risa Aratyr @ November 6, 2018 # 5 Comments

To all my pagan and pagan-esque friends who think Samhain has passed . . .   In a few hours Mother Earth will have reached that powerful moment in her circuit ‘round the sun that is the exact mid-point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. TONIGHT is the cross-quarter.  TONIGHT is Samhain Eve. This […]

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