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The Season of the Witch

Risa Aratyr @ November 6, 2018 # 5 Comments

To all my pagan and pagan-esque friends who think Samhain has passed . . .   In a few hours Mother Earth will have reached that powerful moment in her circuit ‘round the sun that is the exact mid-point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. TONIGHT is the cross-quarter.  TONIGHT is Samhain Eve. This […]

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Two Tickets to Paradise – part ii: first look

Risa Aratyr @ November 2, 2018 # 2 Comments

Caveat:  this Garden Island Vacay blog-series will not be studded with drop-dead stunning pics of the Garden Island. I doubt I’d have managed many great snaps if I’d tried.  Only a truly skilled photographer with all the right equipment could hope to capture Kaua’i’s breathtaking natural beauty in stills – and even then, sorry, they’re […]

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Two Tickets to Paradise – part i: sfo to lih

Risa Aratyr @ October 23, 2018 # 13 Comments

I wasn’t an ideal younger sibling – far from it. Throughout our childhoods, my stable, amenable, tolerant sister Liane got shorter-shrift on maternal attention, indulgence, and patience.  Volatile, confrontational, and uncompromising, I got things how I wanted them way more than was fair.  As a toddler, I made a practice of bulldozing my way through […]

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And Yellow Flows the Donald

Risa Aratyr @ July 20, 2018 # 8 Comments

Of course Mr. Tangerine Man flat refuses to admit Russia f*cked with our election.  Admitting they f*cked with it is tantamount to admitting he didn’t win it.  It’s admitting he is where he is because he invited a hostile foreign nation to pull a fast one on the whole US of A.  It’s copping to […]

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Kassandra and Me

Risa Aratyr @ June 29, 2018 # 10 Comments

A sweet few of you have wondered why I haven’t been blogging lately. I haven’t been blogging because we’re at a point where talking about anything except the spiraling nose-dive of American democracy is pointless, irrelevant, and a disservice to all those already suffering mightily under #45’s reign . . . and because I don’t […]

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