Got Those Plague-Times, POTUS-Crimes, Post-Election Blues

I intended to blog right after the election, but I couldn’t get off these g’ddam tenterhooks long enough to sit down at the keyboard. The White-House Washout’s plethora of meritless lawsuits, the GSA’s (General Services Administration) refusal to cooperate with the Biden transition team, McSmug McConnell rushing to fill every open judicial seat with an … Read more Got Those Plague-Times, POTUS-Crimes, Post-Election Blues

The Art of the Steal

It is a measure of the mendacity of this administration that when Our Fearful Leader tweeted that he’d tested positive for COVID-19, people on both sides of the political chasm responded with skepticism. The far-Right believed the twatwaddle’s tweet part of a pre-planned disappearing act essential to vanquishing the demonic Democrats’ cannibalistic pedophile ring.  (I … Read more The Art of the Steal

In Lieu of a Hug

Marking the heart of the harvest season (in this hemisphere, at least), the autumn equinox should be our Thanksgiving holiday.  That’s my contention, anyway.  Apples, grapes, blackberries, beans, ‘taters-precious, summer barley all ripe for picking and reaping . . . lots to be grateful for. This is also when the Wheel turns to the dark … Read more In Lieu of a Hug

Rapid Fire

With the Dems wrapping their virtual centrist-Left infomercial Thursday last and the GOP about to crank up their live/virtual right-wing propaganda machine, politics is today’s hot topic.  In this smoke-filled lull between conventions, let me tangent to another hot one: the California wildfires. Actually, let me double-tangent for a quick sec, because I’ve only just … Read more Rapid Fire

It’s a Mad-Mad-Mad-Mad Midsummer

With the exact moment of summer solstice barely an hour gone, my inner eye is on the heavens. A grand time to post my best seasonal wishes . . . and a few celestial thoughts. When times are desperate, astrologers often ring semi-alarmist alarm bells by alluding to the horrible histories that occurred the last … Read more It’s a Mad-Mad-Mad-Mad Midsummer