Rapid Fire

With the Dems wrapping their virtual centrist-Left infomercial Thursday last and the GOP about to crank up their live/virtual right-wing propaganda machine, politics is today’s hot topic.  In this smoke-filled lull between conventions, let me tangent to another hot one: the California wildfires. Actually, let me double-tangent for a quick sec, because I’ve only just … Read more Rapid Fire

It’s a Mad-Mad-Mad-Mad Midsummer

With the exact moment of summer solstice barely an hour gone, my inner eye is on the heavens. A grand time to post my best seasonal wishes . . . and a few celestial thoughts. When times are desperate, astrologers often ring semi-alarmist alarm bells by alluding to the horrible histories that occurred the last … Read more It’s a Mad-Mad-Mad-Mad Midsummer

Gimme Shelter

About six months ago, I stopped blogging. Didn’t see the point.  My posts were nothing but anguished cries of horror in the guise of heavy-handed sermons to a converted choir.  With gobs of articulate and widely-read pundits making my same arguments with better data and more cachet, applying my particular brand of pessimism to a … Read more Gimme Shelter


An oft repeated lyric in the official GOP Impeachment Talking Points chorus is, “If people don’t like what this Prez is doing, they can take their dissatisfaction to the polls in 2020.” The glaring fallacy here, of course, is that if Despicable D is allowed to continue pressuring foreign powers to dig up dirt on … Read more GOTV

Vegging Out

Can’t swear to it, but I believe I woke to the connection between meat and climate change about ten years ago, via the “Meat Free Monday” group on Facebook. While I have hardly been religious about the Monday thing and can’t truly say I’ve been doing my part, no-meat salads are my count-on-it contribution to … Read more Vegging Out