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Hunter of the Light
HarperPrism, 1995


Every ninth year a great snow elk appears on Eirinn's mountaintops. Unless it dies by sacred spear before sunrise of Bealtaine Day, when the wheel of the world turns over, the balance between Light and Dark, and thus all hope of magic will be lost.

And once lost, gone forever.

Every ninth year must Eirinn choose a champion. This year it is the bard, Blackthorn, more at ease with a verse than a spear, who will stalk the dream-stag through lough and fen. And a dream love awaits the bard as well: the beautiful and doomed Roisin Dubh, whose touch will sear his heart with a strange new fire.

"Risa Aratyr is a born teller of tales. Her words sing like a harper's voice beneath the nighttime stars. Her Éirinn is a world suffused by magics both terrrible and chingly splendid and you will never regret the time you spend there."
– Tad Williams, author of Caliban's Hour and To Green Angel Tower

"This book should touch anyone thrilled by the interface of fantasy and folklore"
– Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of The Mists of Avalon

The Earthquake Chronicles
San Francisco Chronicle
Oct 2005 - Apr 2006
A 28-part series on the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906.
(in conjuction with KidScoop)

KidScoop Nebraska
various Nebraska newspapers
2005 - 2006
A 28-part series of 4 page supplements on the prehistory, history, and culture of the great state of Nebraska.

Children Who Built America
New York Times
Mar 2005
A 16-page educational supplement on child labor in America.
1st place, "Best Original Curriculum" [Newspaper Association of America - Newspapers in Education Awards].
(In conjuction with KidScoop)

New York Times
Jun 2004
A 16-page educational supplement on the American electoral process.
(in conjuction with KidScoop)

Reaching Out
Sonoma Index-Tribune
Dec 23, 2003
Profile of an exercise instructor who connects with local seniors through yoga, music, and her dog Mollie.

Amateur Wines Compete
Sonoma Index-Tribune
Sept 21, 2003
Feature on a Sonoma Valley wine competition.

A Winning Way with Animals
Sonoma Index-Tribune
Sept 2, 2003
Profile of a teen who won big with her heifers at the Sonoma County fair.

Mother-Led Weaning
Baby Talk Magazine
Sept 1988
A guide to gentle weaning for mothers who choose to nurse longer.

May Day
Mothering Magazine
Spring 1988
Reasons and ways for families to celebrate summer's dawn.

. . . On Pinks and Blues
Baby Talk Magazine
Nov 1987
A comment on the gender-biased assumptions people make about babies.

Voices of Poetry

Not Yet Published

Shadow's Road

Niall Rí, champion of Éirinn, gambles his kingship, his life, his very soul to win the love of Liannan, Queen of Midhe. The treacherous road he must tread to win her heart leads him through the lands of the living and the dead and into the cracks between the worlds, where elves and goblins, ghosts and fairy folk, Gods and demons dwell. One false step will spell Niall's doom and bring Shadow's curse on all the kingdoms of Éirinn.


Tuarenbase is the most corrupt outpost in the galactic sector, populated by the scum of a hundred star systems. When the only honest cop in town – an alien werewolf with a serious attitude problem – catches the scent of the gang that destroyed her home-world, the hunt begins. But is she the hunter, or is she the prey?

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