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Writing, Editing, Research


• content editing, copy editing, line editing, proofreading
• formatting for submission and publication
• research, fact-checking, galley proof review
• ghostwriting, collaboration, concept development


• Academic
  dissertations, theses, essays, papers, articles
• Business
  résumés, cover letters, correspondence, press releases, presentations, flyers, newsletters
• Non-Fiction
  memoirs, print and online journalism, technical manuals, instruction sheets
• Fiction
  novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, plays

Rates and Terms of Service

Before work on a project begins, the client will receive, sign, and return a Letter of Agreement detailing the services to be rendered, fees, additional costs, deadlines, and the terms of payment.

In general, clients can expect 700-1,200 words (3-5 manuscript pages) per hour for basic editing on well-formatted text written in American-English. This pace-estimate is not a guarantee. As every project has its unique challenges and requirements, project timelines are generated individually to meet the needs of the client and demands of the text.

Standard fees for standard services are listed below. Fees are negotiable and will be adjusted according to the condition of the material, project specifications, extenuating circumstances, and for accelerated turnaround times. Large projects are usually billed at half-day rates or for an agreed-on flat fee.

Payment is due upon receipt of an invoice, unless otherwise specified in the LOA. Interest will be applied at a rate of 2% per month or partial month to any payments not received within 30 days of the billing date.

Standard Fees

Proofreading spelling, grammar, punctuation $40 ⁄hr
Research $45 ⁄hr + travel, if applicable
Basic Copyediting coherence, formatting, proofing $50 ⁄hr
Special Editing specific formats, expertise required $60 ⁄hr
Consultations concept development, critiques $60 ⁄hr
Writing commissions, ghostwriting, rewrites $90 ⁄hr
Large Projects: Basic Editing $180 ⁄half-day
Large Projects: Special Editing 60+ manuscript pages/16,000+ words $225 ⁄half-day
Large Projects: Writing $350 ⁄half-day