The Art of the Steal

It is a measure of the mendacity of this administration that when Our Fearful Leader tweeted that he’d tested positive for COVID-19, people on both sides of the political chasm responded with skepticism. The far-Right believed the twatwaddle’s tweet part of a pre-planned disappearing act essential to vanquishing the demonic Democrats’ cannibalistic pedophile ring.  (I … Read more The Art of the Steal

And Yellow Flows the Donald

Of course Mr. Tangerine Man flat refuses to admit Russia f*cked with our election.  Admitting they f*cked with it is tantamount to admitting he didn’t win it.  It’s admitting he is where he is because he invited a hostile foreign nation to pull a fast one on the whole US of A.  It’s copping to … Read more And Yellow Flows the Donald

Kassandra and Me

A sweet few of you have wondered why I haven’t been blogging lately. I haven’t been blogging because we’re at a point where talking about anything except the spiraling nose-dive of American democracy is pointless, irrelevant, and a disservice to all those already suffering mightily under #45’s reign . . . and because I don’t … Read more Kassandra and Me

We the People

That we have our founding fathers to thank for the pithy phrase above is ample proof that the word-trio is not as inclusive as it might appear. The founding fathers were a small coterie of white guys.  Almost to a man they were Christian, well-educated, owned property and/or businesses, and had served in the Continental … Read more We the People