We the People

That we have our founding fathers to thank for the pithy phrase above is ample proof that the word-trio is not as inclusive as it might appear. The founding fathers were a small coterie of white guys.  Almost to a man they were Christian, well-educated, owned property and/or businesses, and had served in the Continental … Read more We the People

Life in the Trenches

I hit my limit months ago.  I couldn’t take the incessant pounding, the non-stop barrage of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, anti-environmentalism, war-mongering, collusion, nepotism, self-aggrandizement, and sheer idiocy coming out of the White House and Congress.  I couldn’t keep bearing unblinking witness to each and every horrendous, scandalous, apocalyptic thing day after day – not … Read more Life in the Trenches

Under Fire

It’s not the time the Despicable D (hereinafter referred to as “45”) has been in office. It’s how much has happened in that time – how many appointments, hearings, nominations, confirmations, executive orders, policy changes, tweets, phone calls, purged government web-pages, firings, hirings, leaks, lawsuits, demonstrations, bills, interviews, judicial decisions, and altercations with the press … Read more Under Fire