Winter Wonderland

This is not the post I intended to write.  A couple of days ago, when the blogging urge hit me, I intended to de-wire my overloaded brain by splashing serious thoughts on a serious topic all over this page. Then my sis dropped off Sadie. In her time on this planet, my sister Liane has … Read more Winter Wonderland

Rapid Fire

With the Dems wrapping their virtual centrist-Left infomercial Thursday last and the GOP about to crank up their live/virtual right-wing propaganda machine, politics is today’s hot topic.  In this smoke-filled lull between conventions, let me tangent to another hot one: the California wildfires. Actually, let me double-tangent for a quick sec, because I’ve only just … Read more Rapid Fire

Vegging Out

Can’t swear to it, but I believe I woke to the connection between meat and climate change about ten years ago, via the “Meat Free Monday” group on Facebook. While I have hardly been religious about the Monday thing and can’t truly say I’ve been doing my part, no-meat salads are my count-on-it contribution to … Read more Vegging Out