Once More Unto the Breach

Fine.  Since the tea is not forthcoming, let’s have a philosophical conversation. — Anton Chekhov, The Three Sisters I miss hunting for just the right word.  I miss hammering ornery sentences into shape.  Solving tricky paragraph jigsaw puzzles.  Riding the furious wave of a self-righteous rant, pontificating from a rickety soapbox, waxing poetic at the … Read more Once More Unto the Breach


Well, I tried.  Been trying since 6 July 2008, post #1.  Tried again 11 January 2009, post #27, but, once again, the words I started with are gone, and new ones have taken their place.   I’ve been thinking about my next post all week, as usual.  As usual, I diddled around with the silly … Read more Unresolved