Making it Personal

My old cell phone was slim, durable, and bare bones basic.  It didn’t take pics or double as a computer.  It had a calendar, but I rarely referred to it.  It would have woken me up or reminded me of appointments, but I never asked it to.   It displayed the date and time, sent and … Read more Making it Personal

Ashes and Embers

When I launched my website, I not only invited visitors; I invited comment.   I received congrats from distant relations, pats on the back from long lost friends, general shows of support, conspiratorial winks, exclamations of surprise, and a few pithy observations.  The latter mostly noted what I’d neglected to mention or given short shrift — … Read more Ashes and Embers

The Native’s Return

A clump of changes dropped out of the clear blue last August and hit the ground running.  By November they’d hit the wall.  Midwinter storms left friends and family out in the cold, sorting through the wrack of illness, unemployment, and divorce.  It was a mini-diaspora in February, people scattering to the four corners, breaking … Read more The Native’s Return

Great Expectations

The pressure is palpable–to make it good, to make it sing.  To make it incisive.  Profound.  Droll.  Relevant.  Succinct.  To make it personal, universal, and surprising. Expectations are running high.  Writer + Blog = Something Worth Reading I can do the math.  I just can’t reconcile the Blog half of the equation.  So it’s not going to … Read more Great Expectations