Update and Where to Find Me

Hi, all.

Latest news —

I’m investigating self-publishing, small print-run publishing and on-line publishing options for my 2-book Sons of Muirne series.  I’d like to start by re-launching a very slightly revised version of Hunter of the Light (I’m at work on it now, fixing typos and other errata, Jacque Kruzic will be doing artwork for it, and I’m debating whether or not to restore the original title, The Hunter of Éirinn — feel free to weigh in).

After I sort that out, I intend to release Book II, Shadow’s Road on the world.  Finally, I’m hoping to enlist Jacque as collaborator on my space-noir Darkdays and release it as an on-line and/or print graphic novel.

Meanwhile I’m keeping a kung-fu practice journal (poetry and essays) on Open Salon.  I’ll probably be re-posting some of that poetry here (as I did with “April’s Moon”), but I’d love you to visit me at OS, as well.  The url is:  http://open.salon.com/blog/risa_aratyr

One more tidbit, I just completed a fun gig judging some of the SciFi/Fantasy/Speculative and SciFi/Fantasy/Young Adult submissions to the 2009 Maryland Writer’s Association Novel Contest.  How did MWA find me?  SFWA Directory?  Makes me glad my last name starts with an “A.”

Ciao, belli.

2 thoughts on “Update and Where to Find Me”

  1. Hey! Hi! Thanks for coming on board with WordPress to leave that nice note!

    Don’t hold your breath on these pubs just yet, but yes, I figure I should just get my stuff out there however, whenever, and what the heck.

    :) – ciao

  2. My vote is to restore the original title. I’m thrilled about these upcoming publications. Created an account here just so I could say so! Bravissima!


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